Service Rates

# (per Week)     Cost (per week)
20                $20.00 
30                $20.50
40                $21.00
50                $21.50
60                $22.00
70                $22.50
80                $23.00
90                $23.50
100              $24.00

  Discounts are available for multiple children and payments upfront:

  • 2nd Child: 50% discount
  • Pay 3 months upfront: 1 week free
  • Pay 6 months upfront: 10% discount 
  • Pay 12 months upfront: 15% discount 

How it works:

Around the timeyour little one arrives, we will leave you with one week's worth of clean diapers and a pail liner. 

Deliveries occur on Tuesday mornings. Just leave your dirties out and we'll leave a clean bag each week. No need to rinse/soak your dirty diapers - shake off solids, put them in the pail liner provided, and forget about them!

What you will need:

It's not necessary to use diaper covers with cloth diapers, but they certainly contain messes and prevent wet clothing.  They also eliminate the need for Snappis or diaper pins. 7-10 covers are suggested, and come in a variety of styles. Our favorite is Thirsties brand Duo Wrap with snaps! They are extremely adjustable, are good at preventing blow-outs, and come in many cute patterns. 

Delivery Area: 

We currently deliver to Bend and Redmond.


Ready to sign up? Payments are due monthly, and can be made in person or online with a check , cash, or credit/debit card. Automatic payments are also possible. Any products ordered will be delivered with your clean diapers and payment will be due with the monthly invoice.  Service rates are based on average diaper use over each month.

Use the contact form below, email us, or call to find out more or set up service. We look forward to hearing from you!

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